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A Nurse Anesthesia Refresher Program

Review & Update: A Nurse Anesthesia Refresher Program

January 3 -14, 2017
July 31 – August 11, 2017
Review & Update: A Nurse Anesthesia Refresher Program has two purposes.

1. It is designed for certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) who have not been substantially engaged in the practice of nurse anesthesia for four or more years to help them meet the requirements for reentry.

2. The program is also intended for CRNAs as a refresher to review and update skills and knowledge of nurse anesthesia practice in preparation for the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) examination.*


  • To foster acquisition of current knowledge, attitudes, and concepts necessary for safe nurse anesthesia practice.
  • To establish a minimum continuing education experience needed to enable the nurse anesthetist to become re-certified.


The NBCRNA Reentry Program is offered to those nurse anesthetists who have had a lapse in their certification and/or their license or authority to practice nurse anesthesia for four or more years and who wish to reestablish their eligibility for certification and re-enter nurse anesthesia practice.

The NBCRNA Reentry Program consists of three sequential steps, all of which must be completed within a consecutive 24-month period, starting with the date of enrollment in the Reentry Program. BOTH Step One and Step Two must be completed within 12 consecutive months after Reentry Program enrollment. Step Three must be completed within 24 consecutive months after Reentry Program enrollment.

    • Step One: Complete 60 Class A credits, 40 Class B credits, 4 Core Modules (one in each of the four content areas), provide evidence of valid BLS and ACLS certifications, and pass an examination* in order to move to Step Two of the program.
    • Step Two: Complete a list of NBCRNA-identified activities at an accredited simulation center in order to move to Step Three of the program.
    • Step Three: Provide evidence of nurse anesthesia employment within the 12 consecutive months following completion of Step Two of the program or by the end of the 24-month Reentry Program, whichever is shorter. There is no longer a NBCRNA requirement for precepted clinical hours. After successful completion of Step One and Step Two, the CRNA can seek employment.

*The NBCRNA’s National Certification Examination (NCE) will be used to meet the examination requirement in Step One for Reentry Program participants enrolled in the program between 8/1/2016 and 12/31/2019.

It is recommended that a clinical site be obtained BEFORE investment in the CE component.
The required four modules (Step One) are currently offered on-line by the AANA.
All reentry participants should refer to NBCRNA requirements at www.nbcrna.com


“Review & Update: A Nurse Anesthesia Refresher Program” has been prior approved by the AANA and NBCRNA for 100 class A credits to meet the CE component of the reentry program. Lecture topics will meet NBCRNA reentry and CPC requirements for 60 Class A and 40 Class B credits. 100 Class A credits meet the requirements for both Class A and Class B credits.

Lecture topics provide an intensive refresher to help participants re-enter nurse anesthesia practice. All provided class A credits are focused on reentry and refresher topics.
Topics are also specifically focused on the National Certification Examination content outline to prepare participants to successfully complete the NBCRNA certification examination.
Click here for the course outline and lecture topics. Click here for class schedule.
Program lectures are provided over a 12 day period at Wake Forest University Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC.
A set of review questions will also be provided to assist the participant with preparation for the NCE.

In addition to lecture activities, the “Review & Update” program will provide clinical simulation activities at the Wake Forest Simulation Center to help practitioners introduce and prepare for the formal simulation experience required for Step Two of reentry. The Wake Forest Simulation Center has been accredited by the NBCRNA for Step Two reentry purposes:

If the participant attends “Review & Update” to meet Step One requirements, Step Two at Wake Forest is offered at a discount price. Please click here for additional information about Step Two at the Wake Forest Simulation Center.