What do CRNA’s say about our program?


“Course offered very through content”

“Very good range of topics encompassing relevant content”

“Organization was very good. All instructors were extremely knowledgeable.”

“This was a great experience with excellent speakers.”

“Excellent program. Very comprehensive with current information. Well organized. Speakers were excellent and probably the most knowledgeable speakers as a group I’ve ever seen”

“Just an excellent experience. Thank you!”


“Many things were pointed out to me for the first time but this course will be a great starting point for me to study for the exam”

“Many topics were made clear and increased my understanding”

“Excellent seminar and excellent speakers”


“The course is a marathon but I feel so much more confident to enter the clinical portion of the refresher program”

“In my personal case, this course was great. The quality of the instructors is great…the BEST. I feel ready to resume my career”

“All I can say about this seminar is that it was absolutely amazing. I had no idea that it would be so good”


“This course was excellent”

“The course was definitely beyond my expectations. I am very thankful I was able to attend”

“All instructors were extremely effective and relating material to clinical practice was most helpful to me”

“The course is perfect. Don’t change it.”

“This experience far exceeded my expectations. It was very enjoyable and conducive to learning”

“Very knowledgeable instructors. Content was wonderful.”

“This course definitely facilitated understanding of concepts and principles. The class room facility was great.”


“No way could this course be improved”

“I’ve been around for a while now and have been exposed to educators and I’m serious when I tell you how impressed I am at the caliber of so many faculty”

“I’ve never had such thorough, knowledgeable, excellent instructors”


“This program is well put together”

“Clearly thoughtful planning was put into the course, as indicated by its thoroughness. It was everything I hoped it would be and more as a refresher”

“The course was very, very comprehensive, professional and well done”

“All aspects, didactic and simulation, was very valuable”


“Course is well balanced”

“Content is designed to meet the NBCRNA requirements as well as student needs.”

“Excellent use of literature to support content”

“Faculty are fully up-to-date with current publications. The entire faculty had a wealth of academic and clinical knowledge and experience”


“The simulator experience was great”

“Thank you for organizing this course. Basically, it is a whole anesthesia program taught in 2 weeks. I intend to stay in touch not only to let you know how I’m doing but to ask for help and assistance on the road ahead”

“Second week classes built on the first week”

“I can’t imagine a course being more appropriate and fun”

“I believe this course is crucial in allowing CRNA’s to gain confidence to return to anesthesia and know they are providing evidenced based care”


“The hotel was perfect. Even during construction the staff was very accommodating. When the renovation is complete, it will be even better It is obvious all faculty are informed on all subjects taught”

“Overall I feel the course was well done and very informative. I enjoyed the staff as well as other participants”

“I really enjoyed how the concepts were related to clinical”


“Course well organized and helped clarify the process for re-entry into the profession”

“The program is a gift from heaven. It is exactly what I was looking for”

“All speakers were willing to answer questions and explain points until we understood and direct us to great references readily available in the school”

“I think I understand anesthesia concepts more thoroughly than I did the first time around”